The Reforestation and Disease Control Program includes both restocking and tree improvement to ensure healthy and productive future stands. Seeds are collected from  vigorous and disease-free trees, cataloged and stored in the seed bank. Seedlings grown to a desired height, caliper, and root mass are planted in the commercial forest areas where natural regeneration is currently unsuccessful. The results of the past few years of reforestation are very obvious at Summit, Fluted Rock, and White Clay.  The program has grown 36 different species of native plants for coalmine reclamation.

Native Plant Garden:  A small garden of native plants, at the Navajo Forestry’s compound, is part of the program and opens to the public and educational tours. The garden is located adjacent to Forestry Administration Building in Fort Defiance, Ariz.

Press Release: “Native Plant Garden Cultivates Fort Defiance, Arizona”  August 2, 2013

Disease Control: This program monitors insect and disease infestations on the Navajo commercial forest and woodlands, and provides extension services to the local community.